FraudScience Lab


The FraudScience Lab provides research and analysis of fraud subjects and topics exclusively in support of the InvestDefense Investigation Agency.  For more information, please contact InvestDefense.

InvestDefense is an Investigation and Research Agency focused on financial and investing fraud.  InvestDefense is located on campus at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida.

IDLogoCirclePNGInvestDefense Investigation Agency: Conducts specialized investigations for individual investors, corporate and financial institutions.



InvestDefense Research Laboratory comprises:



Research Topics are divided into six different categories:

FraudScience:  The Science of Fraud or “FraudScience” is the application of scientific principles to the systematic study, research, and analysis of the root causes, patterns, and propagation of fraud.

Social Sciences:  The study of specific social science research, to include sociology, criminology, and cultural influences to the committal of fraudulent acts, deception and persuasion techniques.

Interconnected Research:  The integration of other fields of science to achieve a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses all relevant sources of evidence as they relate to fraudScience.

Fraud Mind:  The study of relevant scientific research in the areas of psychological development, cognitive neuroscience, neurology and neural pathways, clinical studies, and all biological and psychological
links to the occurrences of fraud, both on an individual and collective basis.

Fraud Tactics:  Practical applications of fraudulent activity and the archetypes that define the current and emerging categories of active schemes.

Data Aggregator:  A fusion of relevant external sources of information to include current news alerts, links to external sources, and archive of compelling evidence and articles.

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