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A fusion of relevant external sources of information to include current news alerts, links to external sources, and archive of compelling evidence and articles. All articles for this category are found by selecting the “Data Aggregator” category link. Specific research topics indexed under this category are found at the topic tag at the bottom of each posting.

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Fraud Alert: OTC MicroCap “Penny Stock” investments on the rise

The volume in microcap investing, called “Over the Counter” or “Pink Sheets” investing is surging to levels not seen since the 2000 Tech Boom Collapse.  A Nanex Analysis from February 2014, shows that trading volume in these shares eclipses the NYSE by an enormous margin. Trading in these Pink Sheets is filled with fraudulent “pump and dump” and “boiler room” schemes, as they are thinly regulated, tiny companies that do not meet the minimum requirements to be listed on the major exchanges. This explosion in…

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