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Activity Archetypes

Practical applications of fraudulent activity and the archetypes that define the current and emerging categories of active schemes. All articles for this category are found by selecting the “Fraud Tactics” category link. Specific research topics indexed under this category are found at the topic tag at the bottom of each posting.

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20 of the most common Financial Fraud schemes defined

Misappropriation of income or assets – A perpetrator, often a family member or caregiver, obtains access to Social Security checks, pension payments, checking or savings account, credit card or ATM, or withholds portions of checks cashed for the victim. Fictitious relative – The perpetrator calls the victim pretending to be a relative in distress and in need of cash and asks that money be transferred either into a financial institution account or wired. Identity theft – Using one or more pieces of the victim’s personal…

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Affinity Fraud

Nightly Business Report profiles a retiree who was a victim of investment affinity fraud. He lost $1.2 million.